OneShore Energy GmbH

OneShore Energy GmbH is a company that is dedicated to the integration of solar PV into off-grid diesel systems.


We work closely with our cli­ents on site to gain an under­standing of the current energy generation setup. OneShore analyses the demand profile, existing generation equipment and site conditions.


We create a detailed model of the island power system. Our expertise in simulating those allows us to design a maximum solar penetration without affecting grid stability. Along­side we develop the contrac­tual structure for the power purchase agreement and obtain all required permits.


To jump-start feasible projects, we provide a full financing solution. This allows our clients to purchase cheap solar energy through a power purchase ag­reement immediately without upfront investment.


We work closely with our partners to successfully engineer, procure and const­ruct the Solar-Diesel-Hybrid. We utilize existing products from leading technology pro­viders to select the best fit for each project.


We commit to operate and maintain the Solar-Diesel-Hybrid power plant for the entire plant lifetime. We ensure stable operation and will assess further potential fuel savings.